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A tandem box trailer or tandem axle trailer is the best trailer type for heavy or bulk loads. Tandem Trailers range from 2,000 kg – 4400kg ATM. If your business has outgrown your single axle box trailer, maybe its time to upgrade. If you are thinking about buying a new box trailer, take the time to think about what you’ll be using it for – not just for now but well into the future. While your single axle Hans Trailer will last you for years it may outgrow your needs so when looking at purchasing a trailer look to the future as well. Tandem box trailers have a double axle – one behind the other. They can carry heavier loads and they track better on the road making towing easier. Stability and low noise is thanks to Rocker Roller suspension and anti-rattle catches. Always make sure your mid to heavy loads are evenly distributed – equal loads across both axles mean less wear and tear.

Tandem Trailers are built in the same way as the sturdy, reliable single axle trailer model but are designed for a larger carrying capacity. Hans Trailers tandem box trailer sizes range from 8×5 up to and include 14 x 6.

Our tandem axle box trailers are purchased for a range of uses from anywhere for the everyday household use to the heavy construction industry, that want to a quality trailer at a competitive price not just buy a cheap inferior trailer at a cheap price.! If you regularly need to carry loads of more than 1000 kg just around town or over a long distance we highly recommend you buy a tandem trailer –As with all of our trailers, you can stick to standard specifications, take your pick of multiple options, or have us build a custom trailer that perfectly suits your requirements. We’ll design and construct your custom tandem axle box trailer in Ipswich just a short distance from Brisbane (Ipswich) or through one of our many resellers throughout QLD, NSW, NT.

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Tandem Trailer Specifications
  • ATM 2000 kg – 4400kg ATM Load-sharing Rocker Roller suspension
  • Your choice of trailer sizes (internal dimensions)
    • 2400 x 1500 mm (8×5 box trailer (tandem axle))
    • 3000 x 1800 mm (10×6 box trailer (tandem axle)
    • 3600 x 1800mm (12 x 6 box trailer (tandem axle)
    • 4200 x 1800mm (14×6 box trailer (tandem axle)
  • High visibility LED combination lights
  • Recessed light channel
  • 300 mm deep sides
  • 1500 mm Draw Bar RHS 100 x 50 x 3.0 mm (2000 kg ATM) (minimum)
  • Chassis RHS 50 x 50 x 3.0 mm (minimum)
  • Full Box Section Corner Posts RHS 40 x 40 x 2.0 mm
  • 3 mm flat floor
  • Quick release coupling (50 mm)
  • Gusseted mudguards
  • New rims with New Tyres
  • Excellent warranties
    • Components: 12 months
    • Workmanship: 5 year
Trailer Options
  • Electric or Mechanical
  • Override Brakes
  • Electric Brake Controller
  • Heavy Duty Extended Draw
  • Bar 1800 mm Long
  • 1.9 mm Checker Plate or
  • 3.0 mm Flat Sheet Floors
  • Extra Cross Members
  • High Sides (450 mm)
  • 16” Off-Road or 14” Light Truck,
  • Wheels and Tyres, New or Used
  • Full Guard Gussets
  • Custom Trailer Sizing and Specification
  • Hydraulic Tipping System
  • Flat Top Sizing ATM
  • 4 Piece Removable Mesh Cage with Rear Swing Gate
  • Removable Cattle Crate
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