Mulga Crushes


Mulga Cattle Crush (Vet Crush)

Medium-herd cattle crushes for sale
For medium-sized herds, Beef Boss Mulga cattle crushes with double parallel panel squeeze, walk-through vet section and head bail are the right choice for rapid and efficient general cattle handling.

Use Mulga pre-galvanised cattle crushes for recording, vaccination, ear tagging, weighing (option), minor veterinary procedures, and multiple aspects of animal health.

Manufactured according to Australian Safety Standards – minimise risk to animal and handler.

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  • 50 x 50 x 2.5 mm frame: 115 mm oval rails
  • Grease nipples on swing arm pivots for easy maintenance
  • Rear handle operation
  • Fully sheeted rear slide door
  • Full walk-through vet section
  • Anti-backing mechanism
  • Full walk-through head bail:
    • 700 mm width
    • Rugged ratchet operation
    • Adjustable head-lifting bars
  • Short crush
    • Fully sheeted rear slide door (locking)
    • Split gates (operating side)
    • Bolt down mounting tabs
    • Ergonomic slam catches on gates
    • Angled bayonet side squeeze (ratchet operation)
  • Vet crush
    • Vet section doors
    • Kick protect doors
    • Full access vet section (squeeze and crush)
  • Near/offside operation
  • Double parallel side squeeze
  • Checker plate floor
  • Split gates both sides
  • Head lifter
  • Weighing scales
  • Load cell mounting points, display mounts and cable guards
  • Baulk gate
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