Brolga Crushes


Brolga Cattle Crush (Vet Crush)

Small herd cattle crushes for sale
For smaller herds and veterinary access, Beef Boss Brolga cattle crushes are the right choice for general cattle handling.

All of our crushes are available in nearside (animal’s left) or offside (animal’s right) operation. Simply indicate your preference when ordering.

Use Brolga pre-galvanised cattle crushes for recording, vaccination, ear tagging, weighing (option), minor veterinary procedures and multiple aspects of animal health.

Manufactured according to Australian Safety Standards – minimise risk to animal and handler.

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  • 50 x 50 x 2 mm frame: 59 mm oval rails
  • Grease nipples on swing arm pivots for easy maintenance
  • Full walk-through head bail crush:
    • 700 mm width
    • Rugged ratchet operation
    • Adjustable head-lifting bars
  • Short crush
    • Fully sheeted rear slide door (locking)
    • Split gates (operating side)
    • Bolt down mounting tabs
    • Ergonomic slam catches on gates
  • Vet crush
    • Vet section doors
    • Kick protect doors
    • Full walkthrough vet section
  • Near/offside operation
  • Checker plate floor
  • Rear handle operation on vet crush
  • Split gates both sides
  • Panel lugs and bolt-on lugs (fitted according to specification)
  • Weighing scales
  • Load cell mounting points, display mounts and cable guards
  • Baulk gate
  • Anti-backing mechanism
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