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Why Hans do the Best Flat Top Trailers in Brisbane?


Flat Top Trailers – New and Custom Made

For the best Flat Top trailers that are competitively priced, call HANS. We have over 50 years of manufacturing experience, making us the local experts. Hans use the best galvanised steel and cutting-edge manufacturing technology. All our trailers are built in our QLD factory. est

Hans have the best Flat Top trailers so contact us today

Our flat top trailers are quality

Our flat top trailers are made from the highest-quality materials including the galvanised box, to our bolts, slipper springs, chains etc.

See your full list of options on our flat top trailers page.

Best Car Trailers from Hans in Australia

Buying a car trailer is not easy as there are a lot of considerations. Do you know the size of trailer you need, what about the trailer weight class, what is your budget and is it going to get you what you need?

Are you looking for a used or new trailer? Or do you actually need a custom designed trailer?  The best car trailers are usually custom designed to be exactly what you need.

Avoid these Car Trailer traps

  • Get the proper paperwork. You need to get a title even for a custom made trailer or you risk police investigation for theft.
  • Actually, see the trailer if it is a used trailer before you hand over any money
  • Cheap trailers may appear like a bargain but if it does not meet your needs it is a waste of money.
  • Cost of travel and time and possible legal issues mean that it is usually better to buy local than from across the country

Getting the Best Car Trailer for you

  • Check the weight class – this includes weight of trailer, weight of what can go on the trailer and can your car haul it the trailer as it needs to weigh more than the trailer and cargo
  • Check the tow ball to see if it is frame mounted or bumper mounted and if it can manage the weight of your trailer
  • Intended use of the trailer – a car trailer is only for hauling cars. Other trailers may not be suitable for this.
  • Budget restrictions – make sure you research the type of trailer you need and then get the one you need within your budget

Buying a car trailer is confusing the 1st time round. Going for a cheap and easy choice may cost you money in the long run. So check paperwork, see photos or inspect in person, for legal and pick up reasons look locally.

In general car trailers would ideally be under 1,600 kg and not more than 3,500 kg when the car is on it if you want to drive with it and have a class B drivers license.

Contact us for a quote on a custom made car trailer

Best Plant Trailers from Hans in Australia

Plant trailers are used commercially to transport ultra heavy duty equipment and machinery so it is essential they are reliable and functional.

The key points that you should check before choosing a plant trailer that is best for you include:

  • Suspension – the load sharing Rocker Roller suspension that we install in our plant trailers is designed to carry ultra heavy loads.
  • Floor – we recommend pre- galvanised checker plate floor.
  • Body – choose pre-galvanised sheet construction for long life and low maintenance.
  • Usable deck space – make sure it’s enough for your needs.
  • Long, adjustable rear loading ramps.
  • Carrying capacity – make sure you won’t exceed the GVM limits.
  • Multiple chain-off and tie down points – they make it easier to secure the load.
  • Lights – LED combination lights are highly visible and low maintenance.
  • Draw bar – check the length.
  • Jockey wheel.
  • 2000 ATM running gear.
  • Mechanical override brakes.
  • Quick-release coupling with handbrake.
  • Gusseted mudguards with mudflaps.
  • New rims and tires + spare tyres carrier(s).

See your full list of options on our Plant trailers page.

Best Tipper Trailers from Hans in Australia

The hydraulic mechanism of a tipper trailer saves you time and money by letting you drop the load on a side of the trailer in a couple of minutes. These trailers are most suitable for transporting bulk materials, but they are also ideal for work on the job site, around the home or on the farm.

Choosing the best tipper trailer depends on your needs but, in general, these are the points you should check/look for:

  • Heavy duty chassis – choose tandem axes for extra heavy loads
  • Solid floor – checker plate is a good choice
  • Adjustable sides with utility corner posts to extend the height of the sides
  • Hydraulic ram – check the lifting capacity to make sure it’s enough for your needs.
  • Minimum tilt angle and maximum tilt angle
  • Power plant and hydraulic fluid reservoir – fully self-contained, closed in a solid toolbox
  • Safety isolation switch
  • Remote hand controller
  • Drawbar – check the length
  • Heavy duty latches to lock the body
  • Heavy duty tie rails are an asset
  • Rear cross member is an asset
  • Removable tailgate
  • Tyres – check if they are new/not used
  • Swivel Jockey Wheel
  • Accessories such as cages, lids, ladder racks and spare wheels – check if they come with the trailer.

See your full list of options on our tipper trailer page.

Tips for Buying Off Road Box Trailers

You might be looking at purchasing a box trailer, with the specific intention of going off road. You might be using it for camping or you may have a property that has limited access via sealed roads, so you need a trailer that can handle the bump and grind of off road driving.

Taking a trailer off road shouldn’t be a daunting process but there are a number of things to consider and we have a look at these.

Car Trailer Specs and Extras

When you’re thinking of buying a car trailer you want to consider the types of specs and extras that you’ll get with your purchase. There are a wide number of factors you should consider before buying a car trailer and we look at a few of these here.

Custom Plant Trailers by HANS: Design Your Own Trailer From Our List of Specs Or Fully Customise

The HANS group is a leading manufacturer of custom plant trailers. We have been producing high-quality trailers in Queensland for over 50 years, operating two plants and employing more than 50 people.

At HANS we offer a range of plant trailers to suit your particular piece of plant or equipment. We understand that plant and equipment varies greatly in mass and size, so you can choose from one of our pre-manufactured designs or speak to us about customising a plant trailer for your specific needs.

If you already know what kind of plant trailer you want, you can choose from a range of specs and get a quote here.