Utilizing our manufacturing and design capabilities Hans Steel Pty Ltd also undertakes custom manufacturing contracts for a range of Government departments and private industries. With the adoption of computer aided 3D modelling software and the continuing investment in latest technology CNC production machinery, Hans Steel Pty Ltd are able to offer a consistent high level of quality and design at a competitive price.

Han Steel is an Australian owned and managed contract manufacturer. At Hans Steel we take the headache out of steel manufacture, while offering flexibility to deliver your product how you want, quickly. We are specialists in trailer and livestock equipment manufacturing, as well as fencing and yard components.

Why Use Hans Steel as Your Contract Manufacturer?

  • We are manufacturing specialists – Using Hans Steel Pty gives your firm access to 1 factory and over 50 staff who are well resourced and knowledgeable in steel manufacture.
  • Cost Savings – Partnering with Hans Steel means you do not have to invest large amounts of capital into manufacturing equipment. We take care of raw materials, labor and equipment. Best of all we can provide you with a quote to deliver the project.
  • Quality – We use advanced CNC production technology to manufacture the items from our factory. This results in superior quality for you.
  • Experience and Knowledge – With over 50 years of manufacturing history the HANS group has delivered a number of projects to multiple industries.

If you are looking for a contract manufacturer who can work with your company to manufacture a superior product, that you would be happy to put your Brand Name to, call us today.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to see what Hans Steel Pty Ltd can do for you.